ROM for recovery G2X under the NVFLASH

ROM for recovery G2X under the NVFLASH

This method necessary!
If the device is not loaded and not firmware in other ways! (If you downloaded the wrong firmware in the device)

I took the unpacked program files KDZ and added to them NVFlash and created BAT file!

Download ROM:
Mirror: NOTICE
Download APX driver: APX

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download both files
  2. Unpack it to the C drive to their respective folder
  3. Remove the battery
  4. Hold Vol Up/Down (and keep them held)
  5. Insert the USB cable
  6. Install APX driver from the your APX folder

    For windows 7(and vista? please confirm):
    • Open Device Manager in Windows and you should see "APX Device" listed with an error
    • Right click on the APX device
    • Select 'Update driver software'
    • Select 'Let me pick...'
    • Select 'Have disk'
    • Browse to directory you extracted the APX Driver
    • Select the *entire* 'APX Driver' folder
    • Accept any warnings, including the big red alert (you may need to disable UAC)
    • Now in Device Manager under 'USB Controllers' you should have an 'NVIDIA USB Boot-recovery driver for mobile devices'
    • If not, uninstall the driver, reboot, rinse and repeat
    • Unplug everything
  7. Hold Vol Up/Down (and keep them held)
  8. Insert USB cable
  9. open your ROM folder:
  10. Run Flash.bat file and wait for the process
  11. After the logo appears on the LG phone
  12. Unplug USB cable
  13. Insert the battery
  14. enjoy!

After that, I recommend to firmware device with help programms KDZ or LG Mobile Update

Tested By Me..
Its 100% Working..

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